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Here are links to the top Internet search engines. The Nurse Research Engine is at the top of every page and contains a vast collection of searchable nursing related links from the UK and around the World. Simply type in keywords or choose categories to search through our 22,000+ nursing-related links.

Nursing Portal NSE Nursing Search Engine
The Nursing Search Engine is a fully searchable database of links to over 22,000 nursing-related websites.

NMAP is a gateway to evaluated, quality Internet resources in Nursing, Midwifery and Allied health Professions, aimed at students, researchers, academics and practitioners.

Google Google
A strong simple search engine with "Google scouts" to bring you pages of related links to your search. Uncluttered interface.

Yahoo UK
The UK face of the biggest search engine on the Internet. You can search the UK section or Yahoo as a whole.

Alta Vista
Generally a good search engine although a little heavier on the US content. There is now a UK-weighted version at

Excite UK
Good UK bias but not backed up by level of UK content.

Good for technology related searches and the help provided for advanced searching techniques.

Lycos UK
Good all round search engine.

UK content generally good. Some Internet Explorer specific features in the presentation.

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